Yellow Wood Activities

Yellow Wood Activities

Sit back and view all of the wondrous things that life has to offer...

If it moves, we celebrate in Haenertsburg. We host no less than five festivals per year - In February we celebrate our Berries. In April-May we celebrate Food and Wine. Comes Spring, we celebrate, and in November, we celebrate Health and Wellness. In December, we host the Christmas Fair. If you miss any of these.....join us exploring historic remnants of days gone by. We have the most intriguing phenomonen called "Rock Gongs"....which are rocks, when struck, ....ring like bells. We have Superb Restaurants and Sacred Spaces to feed the Soul......

Hiking with the Hike Tribe

The Hike Tribe will take you on the most extraordinary hikes…..waterfalls, caves, forests.

Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy

Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy. A definite ‘have to go to place’. Exposing the joys (and taste) of organic farming.

Canopy Tours

Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours will take you into a previously inaccessible realm of nature, moving you between platforms built high within the upper level of indigenous forests and ancient mountain cliffs. Each platform is joined by our spectacular 'foefie' cable slide high above the sparkling river, waterfalls and forest floor.

Fishing and Rafting with Garry

Enjoy river rafting, fishing, birding, walking in the forest and so much more... Contact Garry 083 268 9688 for more exciting options...

Horse Riding

Horse riding activities are available, saddle up, follow the trail. Your friendly horse riding guides will explore the valley with you.


When you take a guided bird walk, you have the unique opportunity to find and identify the special birds of the area, particularly the indegenous forest species which you hear all around you but are so hard to spot without the help of a Bird Guide.